lunes, 18 de abril de 2011

other mice

The flat's fine except that yesterday I had an unexpected visitor... I was watching a film curled up and cosy in my little corner of the sofa when out of the corner of my eye I see something move next to the fridge... christ! ...a tiny wee mouse was just sitting there looking around and I just gaped, absolutely astounded, until the little thing scurried across the floor and under the couch I was sitting on! I couldn't believe it! I jumped up and just looked at the couch from a prudent distance, not really knowing what to do. I phoned Dani, just to tell somebody because there wasn't much he could do. I just needed to say it out loud, otherwise it just didn't seem real. Anyhow, after depicting the scene to Dani I started planning, blocking all escapes with dvds and other useful objects. The obvious escape route for the little rodent was towards the fridge so I started trying to get it to run towards the kitchen area by poking around and under the couch with the broom. It must have fled at some point because when I looked it wasn't there. I thought: there isn't a lot of places it could have gone with its way home blocked... hmmm, under the cooker! So, I started moving the cooker until I saw it from behind, god! Every time I got a glimpse of it I was in shock! We played around for a bit, me moving the cooker and the bloody thing following the underside of the cooker around wherever I moved it. But it must have said: right mate, just run for your life! Wrong choice... It scurried from under the cooker, right under me (I nearly died off) and towards the bin area... I reacted just in time and flung the broom at it (not very convincingly actually) and once again. The second time was too much for it as it just collapsed on its side and lay there, twitching, probably suffering a heart attack. I took some courage to lift the broom (hard side) and bring it down on its tiny wee head, a couple of times, until it was apparently dead. God! Now what? I put everything back in its place before I could actually think of what to do with the bloody thing. I just took it (in an empty toilet roll cardboard) and flung it out the window (at 2 am). It landed with a faint and muffled pat. Jesus, that was exhilarating. I called Dani and described the outcome and wished him a nice trip (he's off to Venice today with Dita for a week). Well, thats that, I thought and sat down to finish watching my film (True Grit, not a bad western, Coen Brothers, always entertaining at least) and about half an hour later I fucking see another mouse coming out from its hiding place (under the black shelves where the cd collection is) and scurry along fast as hell down and under the fridge, of course, all barriers having been removed after his family member had been assassinated less than an hour before. Well, that one certainly had patience, I thought. So, I think I'm going to have to put a little mouse trap next to the fridge. Poor wee buggers. (Where do you buy those things?)

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